The CxO Show

Program Pattern
There will be a new host every week from the members of CxO Global Forum. This program will have only 5 guests every week, three will be the members of CxO & 2 will be the non-members from industry This program will be a 40 minutes program where host will be conducting a show on specific pre-announced topic. The rights of program reserved to the Forum only.
The purpose of CxO Show is to share the knowledge & experience of C Level professionals regarding transformation, disruption & industry growth
Target Audience
A complete business eco-system is the target audience, from students, to startups & major stakeholders of industry experts including small businesses
We will live broadcast it on every Tuesday 8:00pm
The live broadcast will be on-air at following social handles
1) TECHTV Facebook
2) TECH Facebook
3) TECH Youtube
How to participate
1) If you want to participate in the show as CxO without being member, please click here
2) If you want to participate in the show and become a member, please click here
All copyrights are reserved for CxO Global Forum & TECH TV
Our every broadcasting show like "The CxO Show" or any other online session including meetup. The forum and its members are not allowed to speak regarding religious or political matters including giving any opinion neither any defamation content against any individual or any organization or any initiative by private or government body In any case, the forum will remove the said content from recorded video and the member will be intimated or banned for such time period, the Forum is not responsible for any members individual act The CxO Global Forum
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