Zain Jeewanjee

Go One Global Corp

A globally recognized pioneer in the Insuretech space, a visionary entrepreneur, speaker, humanitarian, and an insurance industry veteran. His creative visionary business attitude is the cause for a series of industry firsts, and running business since his first company at the age of 16 in 1971.

In the early 1980s, he created the first true travel medical insurance product in the USA, then the very first online insurance aggregator web site in the world to quote and buy online travel insurance in 1996, continuing forward he established the first site that sold online event liability insurance in 2005.
Currently the Founder & CEO of an Escalon Services company.

Zain is a mentor and advisor to numerous startups, entrepreneurs all over Silicon Valley and sits on the board of advisory of several companies. He is also on the Board of advisory of Rand Corp’s Center for Asia Pacific Policy.

An avid cricket fan, you will find him on stadiums across the globe where India and Pakistan are playing a ODI match. When not watching cricket, he is busy helping startup’s in marketing and advising young CEO’s, founders, & entrepreneurs on challenges they are facing.

He lives in the Silicon Valley with his wife.

In his words:
“give more than you receive, and you will never have less”

CEO of Insure123
Founder of 1AAUSA,
Board of advisory Rand Corp Center for Asia Pacific Policy,
Tie charter member,
OPEN charter member,
Peace-It-Together board member:

  • USA
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