Zain Ibrahim

EFU Life Assurance

Life Insurance. Social Good. Technology. A concoction I passionately drink every day!

Being part of the senior management team of the leading life company that believes that technology spent is an investment, not a cost, I am convinced that an established incumbent can be as nimble in digitizing its products and services as any startup can; all it requires are three elements – the right leadership, the right culture and last but not the least, the right culture!

I am honored to lead the vertical that delivers the digitalization initiatives for the Company.

My responsibilities include the overall Technology and the Operations functions – underwriting, claims, new business, client services, bancassurance, group actuarial, IT and legal areas.

And when I am not thinking about insurance and technology, I am usually found listening to music or trying my luck (unsuccessfully though!) to keep up with the technological tools and teen-speak I am exposed to by my children.

  • Pakistan
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