Zaid Umer Farooqi


Over 16 years of extensive experience in designing, implementation, management & successful delivery of IT Infrastructure Services with expertise ranging from pure technical design, operations & troubleshooting to project management.

Track record of implementation of change management, processes, procedures, standards & execution of multiple interlinked complex IT infrastructure projects comprising of high-end technologies & solutions (Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, SAP) for multi-cultural organizations (manufacturing, services & FMCG).

Strong ability to liaise with top management / stakeholders & effectively communicate benefits of complex IT technologies & projects in business terms. Skilled in working with close collaboration and building teams based on their skillsets at all levels.

Ability to produce effective: management reporting, policies, technical documentation & project documentation.

Strong belief in adapting standardization & industry best practices in all aspects of IT with simple logics for all issues / troubleshooting. This has been proven in terms of respect, appreciation & support received from sub-ordinates, peers co-workers, top management, directors & external customers.

My Objective is : To be part of an organization where I can contribute to facilitate & enhance efficiency of the business by implementing effective solutions, technologies & processes based on standardization & industry best practice for all IS service deliveries.

  • Pakistan
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