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Ubaid ur Rehman have professional meticulously skilled in Change Management (five major successful projects), Training & Development, Facility Management, Contract/sub contract Management and Project Management along with diversified experience in the fields of Talent Management, Manpower Planning, Event Planning/Execution, and Support Services Management. I am an individual with a proven ability of consistently delivering desired results. Few of my major achievements have been Two Successful O & M Takeovers at HUBCO, Developing & Executing Management Development Programs, Developing HR manuals, Designing Various Employee Databases & Introducing & Implementing Effective Cost Cutting Initiatives, I firmly believe in an innovative and creative thinking approach with focus on implementation and execution through strong process controls. Moreover, training at Pakistan Military Academy further refined me as a leader and team player. Leading by example, I inspire others to work towards shared goals. Excellent presentation, communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills enable me to deliver extraordinary performance.

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