Shozab Hasan

Chief Executive Officer

Regex Dot Private Limited

I have spent the last 12 years perfecting my craft as a software technology expert, devoting my life to providing companies with cutting-edge eLearning solutions that allow them to provide their customers with the best service possible. I am proficient in creating and delivering Content Delivery Platforms, incorporating SCORM and xAPI for data collection and learner analytics, and delivering Learning Management Systems, Data Analytics, and Mobile Apps.

My passion for innovation and commitment to education is evident in my ongoing exploration of emerging technologies like Web3 and Blockchain. I am dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to incorporate these technologies into my work, helping businesses stay ahead of the curve and deliver exceptional eLearning experiences to their customers.

Contact me if you want to work with someone who cares deeply about education and is committed to assisting businesses in providing outstanding eLearning opportunities for their employees and customers.

Let’s join forces to improve the lives of others and the world at large through the power of learning.

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