Samad Saleem


Samad Saleem has been pioneering in the IT solutions industry for over two decades. Holding initial expertise in telecommunications and high-tech IT solutions; he evolved his career in the healthcare sector. He aims to reach the masses and create better healthcare outreach by providing technology-integrated solutions. He holds the past experience of being the Chief Operation Officer (COO) at Greyline studio and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Etrendz. Currently, Samad is the founder and CEO of Digitrends, a software house that provides multi-channel marketing and e-commerce solutions to Pakistan’s leading pharmaceuticals. Along with gaining wide popularity in the pharma and healthcare industry, Digitrends is also digitalizing the finance, corporate, and education sectors while reaching over to the USA, the Middle East regions. Samad Saleem is building an innovative platform for the healthcare sector as well as expanding horizons in novel technologies just as Blockchain, Drupal, Augmented reality (AR), Virtual reality (VR), Fintech, and Artificial intelligence (AI).

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