Omar Farooq

Interwood Mobel Pvt Ltd

Omar Farooq is part of a family business, Interwood. His father started this business when Mr Omar was a young boy. At that time young Omar thought of building this as a brand through hard work and focus.
Mr. Omar studied at the Government College, he then went abroad to study furniture.
As a student Mr. Omar was not so fluent in drawing. He struggled in the subject but finally put in the effort needed to accomplish.
In 1995 Mr. Omar joined the company, Interwood. At that time Interwood used to take contracts.
In 2002 when Mr. Omar’s brother shifted to Karachi they divided the tasks in the company.
His brother looked after sales, whereas he looked after production and his sister was the design lead at Interwood. They started with a small shop in Zamzana, Karachi.
As their brand name started to become popular they began to expand and build themselves step by step.
Currently, Interwood has 12 -13 shops in Pakistan. With a production area of 600, 000 square feet, Interwood has state-of-the-art technology.
They are known to develop 6 products under one roof. A lot of processes at Interwood are automated through robots.
Mr. Omar advises entrepreneurs to be passionate, work hard, and not be fixated on one thing as the world is under constant disruption.
Interwood targets the middle class people of Pakistan. They wish to cater to the majority people of Pakistan. They also have financing schemes to help out people who are not able to afford in lump sum. They are known in the market to develop high quality furniture based on contemporary and unique designs.

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