Naumeena Suhail

The Design Firm - TDF

Naumeena Suhail believes in re-shaping narratives to fit the contours of a digital frontier.
She is currently serving as the CEO – The Design Firm and Her entrepreneurial journey began more than 17 years ago and led to the emergence of a savvy service provider skilled in the art of navigating multi-cultural setups and securing lucrative footholds in the corporate world.

She has amassed a wealth of experience in Communication/Branding, Business Development, Product Sales, and Direct & Indirect Marketing. Having worked with more than 25 local & International banks, industries, and companies, Naumeena Suhail set off to launch her own firm, and later created Pakistan’s First Financial Marketplace.

Over time, her role as a specialist in Advertising, Alternate Marketing Delivery Channels and Online Services evolved to cater to a growing network of foreign and domestic clientele. Providing consultancy based services and dealing with the challenges of print & online media aligned her creative energies with her quest of leveraging strengths in cost-effective marketing management and vendor negotiations.

Fostering relationships and devising intuitive platforms remains the mainstay of her enterprising vision. And envisaging a broader application of these powerful concepts becomes the key to defining her brand.

She holds an Associate Degree in Applied Sciences from International Academy of Design & Technology (Chicago, Illinois), and a Graduate Degree in Science.

Windy City Award for Best Layout – Chicago, US

  • Pakistan
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