Muhammad Suleman

CEO, Bloctech Solutions

He openly advocate and promote Blockchain based technologies as he see Blockchain, 4th Industrial revolution, setting new norms of the business world with decentralized structure, transparency, immutability and tokenization, and many more.

Being a young web developer, back in 2019, He had realized the significance of Web 3.0 solutions. He always wanted to make progress in the latest and sustainable technologies. Therefore, my initial motivation to work on Blockchain development came from the emerging trend and rapid growth of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

His zeal and steady nature to learn and build understanding of new concepts helped me to gain skills needed as a blockchain developer. He diversified his portfolio by working on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Smart Contract Development & Audits and DeFi & Dapps developments with different clients over the globe.

2020 was the year when he decided to step up the game and took an initiative not merely to promote self-growth but also to pay back the community and ultimately to the world. So, he founded BlocTech Solutions, a software development company nurturing innovative practices in Web 3.0 and inspiring product companies and non-IT enterprises to build reliable blockchain solutions. he along with BlocTech Solution team offer Dapps & web development services and consultancy for blockchain start-ups, companies to support building a new product or enhance their existing products.

Entrepreneurial motive behind BlocTech Solutions is to mitigate the market need for blockchain developers and development services by offering best possible solutions. His ultimate goal is to take BlocTech Solutions to a level where it acts as a platform for young minds to learn and implement updated practices in Blockchain technology for the business world and then generate high volume profits.

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