Monis Rahman

Naseeb Online Services (Pvt) Ltd

“In the game of can-you-top-this entrepreneurial hardship–who slept the least, whose office was tiniest, who choked down the most Ramen noodles–Monis Rahman holds some formidable trump cards.”

— Into The Fray (Forbes, July 2011 –

Internet entrepreneur with 15 years of experience setting up online businesses in emerging markets and delivering results. Expertise in raising venture capital, maximizing returns on small budgets, managing sales organizations and product development teams, mergers and acquisitions, remote team management and out-of-the-box marketing to make the universe conspire with me.

Specific familiarity with US, Pakistan and Saudi online markets for classifieds and e-commerce related businesses. Can comfortably navigate between high level financial modeling, low level code writing, managing high performance sales organizations and building brands on small budgets.

  • Pakistan
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