Mohammed Ali Ahmed

EFU Life Assurance

“The best is yet to come…”, a motto which has been the guiding principle for me throughout my professional career. My forte is being able to identify and connect the correlations of various functions in an organization, leverage on their strengths and create opportunities for growth, while driving advancement and innovation in the entire process. My training as an actuary and professional experience spanning over two decades allows me to also focus on the minute details, to look for insights that can shape up the bigger picture. Value creation for stakeholders is at the core of whatever I do. I appreciate and encourage diversity of personalities and ideas in the teams I create and those I work with as I believe that’s the only path to sustainable growth. Given today’s world, I consider technology to be an essential enabler for anything and everything. Anything that helps the organization move forward excites me!

I am part of the executive management team and am responsible for enterprise level strategy at my organization, working closely with the CEO and the Board of Directors to define, assess and implement strategies in all business areas of the Company. Apart from the role spanning the entire breadth of the organization, I am directly responsible for diverse areas within the company including Actuarial Services, Risk Management, Product Innovation, Change Management, Investment Fund management, Bancassurance sales and marketing, identifying Growth Segments and developing Mass Market/Alternative and Digital Distribution Channels. I enjoy sharing my ideas, experiences and thoughts and have presented in numerous local and international conferences/seminars/workshops on diverse topics on insurance, risk management, distribution channels, technology, and change management as well as social and economic development.

I take time out from my professional responsibilities and avidly follow Global Economics and Politics, take a keen interest in World History and events that shaped the present day, closely watch global technology trends, enjoy exploring new cultures and cuisines through frequent travels around the world, and reading anything that is non-fiction. My recent area of interest (and for my spouse too): understanding the behaviour of the modern human, especially Gen-Z’s, primarily due to my recently teenage-turned twin boys!

  • Pakistan
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