Kh. Tanveer Saleem

Shan Foods Private Limited

Coaching, Leadership Interventions, Incisive Analysis & strong Entrepreneurial drive are my key strengths. I coach as I love magic 🙂 To me, ‘transformation’ is magic. Hence, I enjoy transforming people lives by helping them achieve success, inner peace, endless physical vitality develop & a deep sense of definitive fulfillment.

I offer my commitment to make an impact in your life & get results in organization effectiveness – be it at home or office. I deliver this by assisting you in realization of your purpose via cautious listening; followed by an incisive discussion & a brutally honest feedback that help you to realize your maximum potential and achieve extraordinary Results

Belief System is my most valuable asset as it helps me deliver the unexpected. I deliver excellence by developing greater engagement, ownership & comprehensive governance in a challenging and competitive environment.

For Program & Portfolio Management, I lead & drive with structured strategy to achieve excellence via disciplined execution.

Additionally, as a seed accelerator, I am a passionate supporter of the early-stage, growth-driven startup companies through education, connections, mentor-ship and seed investment to accelerate their growth.

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