Huda Garib

CEO & Founder, e-Magine

Huda currently serves as the founder, CEO, and lead trainer of e-Magine – an organization that aims to create an inclusive, yet, diverse ecosystem where through the implementation of different concepts of STEAM education and soft-skill trainings, the aim is to work collaboratively with the different stakeholders of the community to bridge the gap between the skills of tomorrow and the education of today, regardless of one’s age or background. Believing strongly in this mantra, Huda has used her broad range of competencies coupled with her various experiences to conduct numerous successful workshops and programs at different levels not only in Pakistan, but also internationally.

Moreover, she has also had the honor of representing Pakistan at the UN Youth Assembly 2016, has been featured in TCSPP’s Insight Magazine as a distinguished alumni in the September 2020 issue; has recently been acknowledged as one of the 101 Incredible Women CEOs of Pakistan, served as part of the Youth Services Committee (Aug 2021 – Aug 2022) at the Rotary Club of Karachi, is a member of the UK Pakistan Business Council International, also is part of the English Speaking Union of Pakistan, and last but not least, was a proud recipient of an award at the Biz Today Business Awards 2020 for leading an organization that pioneers innovative STEAM education in Pakistan.

In addition to her many achievements, she obtained her M.A in Organizational Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in the summer of 2019 – the learnings of which alongside her trainings have enabled her to work as a freelance business consultant too; wherein her core focus lays in helping firms create work environments that support employee success and ensure organizational productivity. Moreover, her skills were also put to the test when not too long ago, she served as a project consultant in a global firm during her stint with ODEM (a Swiss-American blockchain company).Throughout her career, Huda has also extremely zealously and passionately worked hard to continuously obtaining various qualifications in related fields; thus, enabling her to gain greater insights into trending management techniques, research methodologies, strategy development tools, as well as, enhanced teaching and learning strategies at different levels – clearly highlighting her commitment towards achieving her goals.

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