Dr. Muhammad Ehsan Khan

Inseyab Consulting & Information Solutions LLC

Dr. Khan’s career spans over 20 years, during which he worked with some of the top Tech Firms in the region. He was mentored by people who are unknown to the media but were instrumental in his career. He still goes back to them when he needs advice and guidance.

In 2001, 6 months out of University, he launched his first startup e-Services & Technologies. To date, he has launched 5 Tech Startups with 2 Successful Exits, 1 Exit that taught alot and 2 current, Data related, Ventures (Inseyab & Trade Foresight) which are in different stages of their life cycle.

Ehsan holds a PhD in Strategy, Programme and Project Management (Valedictorian/Major De Promotion) from SKEMA Business School, France. He was awarded with Young Researcher of the Year 2013 by International Project Management Association (IPMA) and James R. Snyder Student Paper of the Year Award 2012 by Project Management Institute (PMI).

Dr. Khan is also pracademic and consultant who has been associated with the growing profession of governance and management of strategic initiatives for more than a decade. He has been involved in establishment of PMO, implementation of governance frameworks, and related practices and tools, in order to create an environment of project management excellence. He has also been led Multi Million $ ICT programmes and projects for various customers, especially in the government sector.

As an academic, his research interests are in the field of Contingent Governance Frameworks for Temporary Organizations. He has written research papers in the project governance domain and has also featured as an author in various publications. He is currently authoring a book on Program Governance and has been part of major conferences where he has presented papers related to his area of interest.

Tech Ventures
Tech Startups
Product Development – Ideation to Delivery
Data Management
Business Intelligence
Data Integration
Governance of Projects and Programs
Project/Program/Portfolio Management
New Business Development
Strategic Planning and Execution

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