Atif Hafeez


I provide financial leadership to the organisations; from strategy to execution; globally and locally. I also provide broader executive leadership with visible credentials of business administration and corporate governance in cross-geographical environments. I have run my two-decade-long corporate career in both public and private equity spaces with technology-led and digitally-enabled businesses in various management vernaculars, including C-Suite. I thrive in complex and fast-moving atmospheres whilst juggling multiple projects simultaneously. I am capable of such feats because of my passion for mobilising top-tier talent to create agile and high-performing cultures that consistently achieve in volatile markets. It’s therefore that I have been selected for trailblazing roles and promoted throughout in competitive meritocracies.

In a nutshell, I offer entrepreneurial stamina along with board wisdom and looking to further expand my horizons, as well as my scale, sphere and spans of control in pan-continental disciplines.

  • United Kingdom
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