Aman Kherati


A business leader with maturity and presence to influence at senior level and drive strategic business development initiatives for profitable growth. Over 20 years of Sales and Distribution, Hiring and Building teams, Franchise & Retail networks, Social Media Marketing, Operations & Customer Services, International Business Development, Management experience in B2B and B2C. The diversified experience has helped me to develop the following skill sets:

+Organizational Development: Hired and developed highly effective teams and built franchise networks to deliver sales and distribution targets.
+Strategy Development: Developed go-to-market strategies for various business segments. Differentiated value and service propositions to carve out unique market niches.
+Relationship Building: Developed and maintained high-level contacts with both Internal and External Business stakeholders in order to achieve objectives, Identified opportunities and established beneficial partnerships, which contributed to the company’s growth and development.
+Business Management: Transformed businesses into profitable units. Managed large teams focused on sales and distribution, operations and customer service, product launches and KPI monitoring.
+Change Management: I have effectively managed to change structures and implement CHANGE projects during assignments.
+Multicultural Environment Management: I am culturally diverse and enjoy multi ethnic business and social interactions.


1- Sales and Distribution
2- Customer service and Operations
3- International business development
4- Business Management
5- Organization/Team building

  • Pakistan
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