Ali Akhai

(Daraz Express)

With a BA (Hons) in Business Studies from the University of Manchester, an MBA from Esade Business School and 7+ years of grueling yet rewarding experience in supply chain and operations management, I have set my sights on a path to be involved with a transformative group of professionals that are at the forefront of this industry. With a motto of ‘Impact through Leadership’ and the core values of ‘Integrity’ and ‘Leaving a legacy’ I embark on a journey to conquer each day as it comes.

I am confident that with 6+ years of management/leadership experience coupled with my passion to work in teams will present an opportunity to enhance my individual and the team’s collective goals. Building long-term and incentivized professional relationships is part and parcel of a successful team. My aspirations include leading a well-oiled and goal oriented group of professionals that can create an impact.

  • Pakistan
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