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Adeel Naseer has around 16 years of professional experience working with top multinationals and fortune 500 companies including IBM Pakistan and Hewlett Packard Pakistan, and is currently leading ENERGENIQ, a leading Information Technology, Data Center Infrastructure, Electrical, Mechanical and green infrastructure design, build and auditing services. Previously he worked with IBM and HPE as a Data Center Specialist where at IBM we was a consultant for design and built IBM’s internal and external client Data Centers in Pakistan and in HPE, he looked after Pakistan and Asian Emerging countries as Data Center Lead.


In 2018, he started his own venture named ENERGENIQ, where the focus was design, consult and audit Data Center Infrastructure which includes with ICT and Infrastructure. ENERGENIQ has developed unique capability where the design and consulting for active ICT and Passive infrastructure which includes specialized civil, electrical, mechanical environment, Architecture and green building design capabilities. This unique combination enables to perceive and execute the complex facilities where an impact of any one of the component affect another. In addition to this company has built expertise in other design services and are also capable of complex electrical design and studies for power generation.


Adeel Naseer is also an active member of telecommunication infrastructure Standard committee TIA94, where he participates in development of standard and also provides technical writeups and advisory to multinational OEMs and design firms. He has vast list of certification from world recognized institutions like USGBC,ASHRAE,UPTIME INSTITUE and many more.

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