Abdul Rehman Mahmood

Swift Biz Solutions (Digit)

A decade ago, a young Pakistani had the dream of making digital products accessible to Pakistanis at an affordable price. When Mr. Abdul Rehman Mahmood established the company Swift Biz Solutions, the sector was undergoing transformational change globally. He realized that change in Pakistan will be imminent and therefore he decided to be an agent of this transformational change in Pakistan. Consequently, the company under his leadership introduced several new products in the country. These products include mobile broadband devices with telecom operators and first of its kind 4G tablet with PTCL in 2016 named GadgeIT CharJi Tab. According to Mr. Mahmood “his strategy has been three pronged: quality products with good after-sale service, affordable prices and ethical business practices. That is why his products were able to penetrate the local market with huge success. Thus he was able to create a win-win for all stakeholders.

n order to realize this dream, he built a local brand “Digit” under the umbrella of Swift Biz Solutions and initiated discussions with KaiOS which is an ideal operating system for smart feature phones. It is easy to use and customized for local usage and language as well as has all the necessary apps required for daily use and adding more apps constantly

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