The CxO Global Forum Network is an invitation-only membership exclusively for Chief investment / information officers and technology officers, financial & marketing, executive officers & country heads from the world’s largest and most influential companies. They are brought together by top Journal editors, global analysts and key thought leaders with the mission to identify key challenges in technology and new opportunities for innovation that will unlock value for their organizations. The forum is to get the global exposure specially in digital transformation & innovation around the globe.
Keeping your career in top condition is a lot like staying physically fit. Just like the treadmill, most people resist networking activities even though they know it's essential. Professionals who make networking a disciplined practice enjoy huge career advantages. We live in a social world. Connecting with others broadens our collective thinking while adding texture and dimension to the issues and challenges we all face, regardless of our professional role. In today’s hyper-connected world, collaborating with your self-made network has become a necessity if you want to power-up your career and increase your success. Networking takes you on an amazing journey that is career enhancing, fun, and enlightening. Seasoned networkers know their the career success is shaped by all the diverse and inspirational people they've met along the way. Just do it!

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    Networking is the one of the easiest and least costly business habits that you can take up. It is also one of the most impactful techniques that will help you find a job, recruit people, solve problems and more. The world is becoming more complicated. Don’t try to go it alone. Join the CXO Global network of world's top professionals and take you career to the next level.